The 19th Forum of Polish Community Media

The 19th Forum of Polish Community Media 2011 (XIX Forum Mediów Polonijnych 2011) took place from 5th to 12th September 2011. The Forum of Polish Community Media is the biggest undertaking within the field of media in Europe and in the world. It is addressed to Polish journalists working in the press, radio and television. This year’s forum was held under the banner ‘POLISH PRESIDENCY IN THE EUROPEAN UNION. ZACHODNIOPOMORSKIE PROVINCE AS THE GATE TO EUROPE’ and comprised approx. 150 Polish community journalists from over 30 countries. The main objective of the meeting was highlighting the role of Polish community media in maintaining bonds with Poland and promoting Poland throughout the world. On September 11 we happily received representatives of the Forum at a conference in Drawno and then at an unofficial meeting with refreshments in Borowiec. We were one of the co-organizers of the meeting. During the conference in Drawno the President of the Agricultural Cooperative in Rzecko, Kazimierz Czapiewski, introduced the guests to the nature of the Cooperative. Then, in Borowiec, our guests had an opportunity to see palettes manufactured by the Agricultural Cooperative and familiarise themselves with the sales offer of the Building Materials Warehouse, in particular with the offer of Röben. During conversations held behind the scenes the visiting journalists told us about their work and great longing for Poland. The meeting was interesting for all participants. More: