Social activity

“Only a true human being can notice the needs of another human being. Only a great-hearted human being will give another a helping hand”

John Paul II


Our success is the result of a special relationship between us and our Customers but also the local community. These relationships are founded on mutual trust. We proudly and vigorously engage in activities that raise social responsibility.

Let the gratefulness and respect of those listed below serve as our best reference:

  • the youngest football fans that struggle to win the Cup of the President of RSP at the GAVIA CUP in Rzecko each year,
  • awarded pupils from the primary and secondary schools of the Choszczeński District,
  • passionate runners that cultivate the tradition of “Choszczeńska Dziesiątka”,
  • karate fans that are being taught to fight only for the sake of doing good,
  • organisers of charities, including the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity,
  • subdivisions of the Choszczno and Drawno communes,
  • and many, many more.